Sound of Utopia · Manifesto

We offer these five points as a framework for our artists and community, so that we can create more happiness for ourselves and for the world around us through our events…

  1. Gathering to Celebrate Life and Togetherness: We’re grateful to have the privilege of being able to get together for this celebration of life. We cherish every moment of our togetherness.
  2. Staying Present and Mindful Consumption: We acknowledge that Right Now is the most precious thing there is. We will practice celebrating mindfully, staying present in the moment, rather than losing ourselves in excessive consumption and missing the Now.
  3. Connecting through Music and Dancing: Timeless music played in our gatherings acts as the main anchor of our community. Dancing and immersing ourselves in this music acts as a form of meditation where we can become fully present in the beauty of the moment.
  4. Inclusivity and Compassion: Our community is diverse and open to everyone who embrace being compassionate to each other. In our gatherings everyone is equal, where we practice to put egos, as well as dualistic or judgmental thinking aside, and refrain from harmful actions towards each other.
  5. Raising Awareness and Making a Difference: We are aware that our world is plagued by wars, disease, environmental destruction, animal cruelty, discrimination and inequality. Through our gatherings we will raise the awareness of our community and pool donations on concrete issues where we can make a real difference.

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